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Interstate 35 Fort Worth Traffic

i-35 Fort Worth Traffic ...

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i-35 Fort Worth News ...

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Interstate 35 Fort Worth Map
The Interstate 35 in Fort Worth, abbreviated "i-35 Fort Worth", is one of the major interstate highway routes & traffic corridors that travels generally in a north-south direction across the metro Fort Worth metro area.

 The i-35 in Fort Worth is only 1/2 of the larger Interstate 35 highway system in the DFW metroplex area... the i-35 splits into 2 sections (a "east section" and "west section") that serves the metro areas of Forth Worth and Dallas... the west section of the i-35 serves the Forth Worth metro area is also called/known as the "i-35W" (see map above)... while the east section of the i-35 serves the Dallas metro area is also called/known as the  the "i-35E".

Sections of the i-35 in Fort Worth are also sometimes called/known as the "North Freeway", the "South Freeway" and the "Blue Star Memorial Highway"... the section of the i-35 located on the north side of the i-30 is the "North Freeway" section... while the section of the i-35W located on the south side of the i-30 is the "South Freeway" section.

The map above shows the i-35 in Fort Worth (highlighted in pink) where it travels through the metro Fort Worth area... while this map shows the i-35 as it splits into 2 sections as it travels thru the DFW Metroplex.

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